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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1962!
The Nehru jacket was named after Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of newly Independent India. The jacket's appearance was easy to pick out as it featured a stand-up collar, long lines, and a single row of buttons.

The popularity of the jacket was buoyed by the growing awareness of and desire for ethnic diversity throughout the West. The minimalism and mod lifestyles were well-suited to the Nehru jacket with its clean lines and non-conformist appearance.

The jacket reached its height of popularity in the late 1960's following the Beatle's tour of India in 1968. However, many celebrities donned these unique jackets as part of the regular wardrobes for years including Johnny Carson, Joe Namath, and Mike Love of the Beach Boys.  Sammy Davis Jr. once claimed to own more than 200 Nehru jackets!

Nehru Jackets - popular throughout the 1960's, reached their peak in 1968 with the Indian visit of the Beatles
Worn with beads to get that "hippie" look, Nehru jackets remain popular in certain groups and are still favored by such celebrities as Benny Hinn, the televangelist.
Nehru jackets have faded from most wardrobes, but remain in movies and even some celebrities' closets:
  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld of James Bond fame wears a Nehru jacket
  • Dr. Evil and Mini Me wear Nehru jackets in the James Bond spoof Austin Powers
  • Neo wears an elongated Nehru jacket throughout The Matrix and its sequels
  • Steven Seagal wears Nehru jackets in many of his films
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