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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1961!
West Side Story
The Academy Award winning film for best picture was West Side Story.

The romantic musical is the basic Romeo and Juliet story set in New York City where rival street gangs--the Jets and the Sharks--battle for territory. When Jets leader Tony and Sharks leader Bernardo's sister Maria fall in love, things really heat up.

The Cast:
  • Natalie Wood as Maria
  • Richard Beymer as Tony
  • Russ Tamblyn as Riff
  • Rita Moreno as Anita
  • George Chakris as Bernardo
  • Simon Oakland as Lieutenant Schrank
  • Ned Glass as Doc
  • William Bramley as Officer Krupke
  • Tony Mordente as Action
  • David Winters as A-Rab
  • Eliot Feld as Baby John
  • Bert Michaels as Snowboy
  • David Bean as Tiger
  • Robert Banas as Joyboy
  • Anthony "Scooter" Teague as Big Deal


  • Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise
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