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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1959!
In 1959, The Untouchables made its debut on television. The show would run for only four years, but would distinguish itself as the premiere crime drama for decades.

This show was under constant attack by various groups which claimed that it defamed the image of Italians and Italian-Americans.

Expertly produced with top-flight writing, the show attracted young and old, male and female, for the brief but memorable run.

Robert Stack's Eliot Ness provided a powerful character with commanding screen presence and created big shoes for future justice and crime men to fill on the little screen.

The show would ultimately become a movie of the same name in 1987, starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery.

The Untouchables opening screenshot
Robert Stack as Eliot Ness
Main Characters:
  • Robert Stack as Eliot Ness
  • Jerry Paris as Agent Flaherty
  • Abel Fernandez as Agent Longfellow
  • Nick Georgiade as Agent Rossi
  • Anthony George as Agent Allison
  • Paul Picerni as Agent Hobson
  • Steve London as Agent Rossman

Show Concept:

  • Special Agent Eliot Ness and his elite team of incorruptable agents battle organized crime in 1930s Chicago.

Hosts or Guests:

  • Walter Winchell, narrator
  • Guest stars (to name a few):
    • Neville Brand as Al Capone
    • Bruce Gordon as Frank Nitti
    • Clu Gulagher as Mad Dog Coll

Writers or Producers:

  • Produced by Quinn Martin, Jerry Thorpe, and Leonard Freeman
  • Directed by Howard Koch and Stuart Rosenberg


  • unknown

Networks or stations:

  • unknown

Total shows or length of production:

  • Premiered on October 15, 1959
  • Final episode in September 1963
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