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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1958!


  • Our Lady of Angels School in Chicago, IL, goes up in flames trapping students and teachers leaving 90 students and 5 nuns dead
  • Khrushchev becomes Soviet Premier when Bulganin resigns
  • General Charles deGaulle becomes French Premier
  • The first telephone modem is introduced
  • Gordon Gould invents the LASER
  • Jack Kilby and Robert Nyoce invent the integrated circuit
  • Explorer I (the first US Earth satellite) goes into orbit and sends back signals about the Van Allen Belt
  • NY Yankees defeat Milwaukee Braves to take the World Series
  • Bobby Fischer becomes the youngest chess champion in history


  • Couple Next Door
  • Fibber McGee and Molly
  • Frontier Gentleman
  • Gunsmoke
  • Have Gun Will Travel
  • Luke Slaughter of Tombstone
  • Suspense
  • Yours Truly Johnny Dollar


  • Peter Gunn
  • An Evening With Fred Astaire
  • 77 Sunset Strip
  • The Rifleman



  • Car: $2,200
  • Gasoline: 30 cents per gallon
  • House: $18,000
  • Bread: 19 cents per loaf
  • Milk: $1.01 per gallon
  • Postage Stamp: 4 cents
  • Average Annual Salary: $5,500
  • Minimum Wage: $1.00 per hour


  • Gigi - a musical by Vincente Minnelli starring Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier


  • The Music Man - based on the book by Meredith Willson, lyrics and music by Meredith Willson, choreographed by Onna White, starring Robert Preston and Barbara Cook


  • A Death in the Family by James Agee (fiction)
  • Look Homeward, Angel by Ketti Frings (drama)
  • Banks and Politics in America by Bray Hammond (history)
  • George Washington by Douglas Southall Freeman, John Alexander Carroll, and Mary Wells Ashworth (biography)
  • Promises:  Poems by Robert Penn Warren (poetry)


  • Georges Pire, Belgium, 1910-1969, Dominican, head of the aid organization for refugees, L'Europe du Coeur au Service du Monde


  • It's All in the Game by Tommy Edwards
  • Sugartime by McGuire Sisters
  • Tom Dooley by The Kingston Trio
  • At The Hop by Danny and The Juniors
  • The Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley
  • All I Have to Do Is Dream by The Everly Brothers
  • Tequila by The Champs
  • Witchdoctor by David Seville (and the Chipmunks)
  • To Know Him is to Love Him by The Teddy Bears
  • Poor Little Fool by Ricky Nelson
  • Get a Job by The Silhouettes
  • Donna by Richie Valens
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by The Platters
  • Sixteen Candles by The Crests
  • I Wonder Why by Dion and The Belmonts
  • Yakety Yak by The Coasters
  • The Stroll by The Diamonds
  • Breathless by Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Splish Splash by Bobby Darin
  • Lonely Teardrops by Jackie Wilson
  • Tears on my Pillow by Little Anthony and The Imperials
  • Little Star by The Elegants
  • Maybe Baby by Buddy Holly
  • Chantilly Lace by The Big Bopper
  • It's Only Make Believe by Conway Twitty
  • Speedo by The Cadillacs
  • Who's Sorry Now by Connie Francis
  • You Are My Destiny by Paul Anka
  • Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran
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