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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1958!
In 1958, The Rifleman made its debut on television to begin its five-year run. Though the series had a strong first three years, and Chuck Connors was well-liked, the last two years saw the show's popularity wane.

The self-righteousness of Lucas became a problem for the producers, so love interests were introduced in the form of Miss Molly and, later, Lou Mallory. But even Lucas' custom-made Winchester rifle couldn't save the show as its ratings continued to fall.

Chuck Connors was The Rifleman
Main Characters:
  • Lucas "The Rifleman" McCain played by Chuck Connors
  • Mark McCain played by Johnny Crawford
  • Marshal Micah Torrance played by Paul Fix
  • Miss Molly Scott played by Joan Taylor
  • Miss Lou Mallory played by Patricia Blair
  • Sweeney the Bartender played by Bill Quinn
  • May Sweeney, the Bartender's wife, played by Helen Beverly
  • Charlie Willard the Storekeeper played by Russell Collins
  • Hattie Denton played by Hope Summers
  • Nils Svenson played by Joe Higgins and John Dierkes
  • Eddie Holstead the Hotel Clerk played by John Harmon
  • Dr. Jay Burrage played by Jack Kruschner and Ralph Moody
  • Angus Evans the Gunsmith played by Eddie Quinlan
  • Ruth the Hotel Waitress played by Amanda Ames
  • John Hamilton the Banker played by Harlan Warde
  • Miss Aggie Hamilton played by Sarah Selby
  • Josh Moore the Hardware Store Merchant played by Charles Tannen
  • Toomey the Undertaker played by Robert Foulk
  • Freddy Toomey, the Undertaker's son, played by Robert Crawford

Show Concept:

  • The story of a rancher, Lucas McCain, his teenage son, Mark, and the community of North Fork, New Mexico. As with most westerns of the day, the sheriff of North Fork was surrounded by a never-ending band of desperados that could only be tamed with the help of Lucas and his trusty Winchester rifle.

Hosts or Guests:

  • unknown

Writers or Producers:

  • unknown


  • unknown

Networks or stations:

  • ABC (1958-1963)

Total shows or length of production:

  • Premiered on September 30, 1958
  • Final episode on July 1, 1963
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