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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1958!
The Academy Award winning film for best picture was Gigi.

This romantic musical takes place in turn-of-the-century Paris. Gaston Lachaille is a bon vivant much like his uncle Honore, but Gaston is bored with life. He's bored with the high society women.

The only time he finds he is happy is with his uncle's dear friend, Madama Alvarez, and her granddaughter, Gigi. Gigi is being coached by her grandmother to become a famous courtesan, but Gaston realizes he must become her protector.

By trying to protect Gigi, he finds he's fallen madly in love with the young girl. But, is marriage in the cards for Gigi and Gaston?

The Cast:
  • Leslie Caron as Gigi
  • Maurice Chevalier as Honore Lachaille
  • Louis Jourdan as Gaston Lachaille
  • Hermione Gingold as Madame Alvarez
  • Eva Gabor as Liane d' Exelmans
  • Jacques Bergerac as Sandomir
  • Isabel Jeans as Aunt Alicia
  • John Abbott as Manuel


  • Vincente Minnelli
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