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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1957!
There are few people who haven't seen at least one episode of the classic family hit Leave it to Beaver. Many of us watched Beaver start out as a mop-headed little boy and grow into an awkward, but well-mannered teenager.

The episodes were focused on Beaver, but also followed minor story lines for the other family members. Who can forget the antics of the young Beaver as he played hookey, drove a car, flooded the bathroom, and took a memorable train ride with his big brother, Wally, to visit Aunt Martha?!

Tony Dow became a teen heartthrob through his role on the program, landing him several movie deals after the close of the show.

Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont, already movie stars in their own right, went on to do other movie and television projects.

All of the characters would remain closely associated with their roles on LITB for the rest of their careers.

The opening screen shot from Gunsmoke
Click here to listen to the opening theme to Leave it to Beaver (in .wav format).
Main Characters:
  • June Cleaver played by Barbara Billingsley
  • Ward Cleaver played by Hugh Beaumont
  • Wally Cleaver played by Tony Dow
  • Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver played by Jerry Mathers
  • Eddie Haskell played by Ken Osmond
  • Miss Canfield played by Diane Brewster
  • Miss Landers played by Sue Randall
  • Larry Mondello played by Rusty Stevens
  • Hubert "Whitey" Whitney played by Stanley Fafara
  • Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford played by Frank Bank
  • Fred Rutherford played by Richard Deacon
  • Gilbert Bates played by Stephen Talbot
  • Richard Rickover played by Richard Correll
  • Margaret Mondello (Larry's mom) played by Madge Blake
  • Gus the Fireman played by Burt Mustin

Show Concept:

  • The show focused on Theodore Cleaver, known to family and friends as "Beaver." Each episode found Beaver, his friends, and his family caught up in another adventure or life lesson in the peaceful community of Mayfield. From train rides to babysitting, school days to playtime at the local firehouse with "Gus" the fireman, Beaver always found something to get into. Of course, like most of the family programs of the era, Father or Mother knew best and could help resolve every problem in the half-hour allowed leaving everyone with a smile and viewers with a happy ending.

Hosts or Guests:

  • Madge Kennedy as Aunt Martha
  • Ann Doran and Karl Swenson as Mr. and Mrs. Haskell
  • Helen Parrish as Geraldine Rutherford
  • Veronica Cartwright as Violet Rutherford
  • Karen Sue Trent as Penny

Writers or Producers:

  • Directed by Norman Abbott and Charles Barton
  • Written by Katherine Albert, Hugh Beaumont, and many others


  • unknown

Networks or stations:

  • CBS (1957-1958)
  • ABC (1958-1963)

Total shows or length of production:

  • Premiered on October 4, 1957
  • Final episode on September 12, 1963
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