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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1956!
As The World Turns premiered in 1956. Taking a while to gather steam, the daytime serial drama has remained on the air with a loyal following for almost fifty years.

With the usual daytime drama plot twists, turns, surprises, cast changes, and never-ending disputes, the program continues to hold rapt followers' attention five days a week. The Emmy Award winning production continues to shoot five days a week and shows no signs of wearing out its welcome.

With the show's continuing popularity, various cable channels have begun running old episodes to allow "newcomers" to catch up on the story lines of the main characters. There are even Internet subscriber-based websites where you can catch your favorite daytime drama on your computer while you're at work.

As the World Turns
Main Characters:
  • Rosanna Cabot
  • Henry Coleman
  • Molly Conlan
  • Dr. John Dixon
  • Kathryn Ann Peretti Fraiser
  • Jessica Griffin
  • Lisa Grimaldi
  • Dr. Benjamin Robert Harris
  • Curtis Harris
  • Dr. Bob Hughes
  • Ian Boyd
  • Chris Hughes
  • Daniel Steward Hughes
  • Kim Hughes
  • Margo Hughes
  • Thomas Hughes
  • Mike Kasnoff
  • Mitzi Matters
  • Nancy Hughes McClosky
  • Craig Montgomery
  • Lucinda Marie Montgomery
  • Adam (Hughes) Munson
  • Harold Todd Munson
  • Parker Joe Munson
  • William Ryan Munson
  • Sierra Esteban Montgomery
  • Barbara Ann Ryan
  • Aaron Snyder
  • Emma Snyder
  • Faith Snyder
  • Holden Snyder
  • Jack Snyder
  • Lily Walsh Snyder
  • Luke Snyder
  • Paul Ryan Stenbeck
  • Alison (McDermott) Stewart
  • Emily Munson
  • Dr. Susan Burke Baxter
  • Carly Snyder
  • Lucinda Walsh

Show Concept:

  • The show follows the lives of the residents of Oakdale, a tightly-knit, bedroom community. Focused on the Hughes family, the show has seen everything from marriage and divorce, to serial killers and mob-style vendettas.

Hosts or Guests:

  • unknown

Writers or Producers:

  • Owned by Proctor & Gamble


  • unknown

Networks or stations:

  • CBS

Total shows or length of production:

  • Premiered 1956
  • Final episode ? (still in production)
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