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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1954!
The Academy Award winning film for best picture was On The Waterfront.

This dramatic film takes place against the stark backdrop of the waterfront and tenements. Just as the Waterfront Crime Commission is about to hold public hearings on union crime and underworld influence on the docks, workers are turned against each other.

Terry Malloy (Brando) dreams of being a prize fighter as he tends his pigeons and runs errands for the dock boss, Johnny Friendly. Terry witnesses a crime and, when he later meets the dead man's sister, he begins to feel responsible for the death.

The young woman introduces a torn Terry to Father Barry who tries to convince him to step forward with his evidence.

Tensions run high in this Brando classic that would take a second seat only to his role in The Godfather.

On The Waterfront
The Cast:
  • Marlon Brando as Terry Malloy
  • Karl Malden as Father Barry
  • Lee J. Cobb as Johnny Friendly
  • Rod Steiger as Charley Malloy
  • Pat Henning as KO Dugan
  • Leif Erickson as Glover
  • James Westerfield as Big Mac
  • Tony Galento as Truck
  • Tami Mauriello as Tullio
  • John Hamilton as Pop Doyle
  • John Heldabrand as Mutt
  • Rudy Bond as Moose
  • Don Blackman as Luke
  • Arthur Keegan as Jimmy
  • Abe Simon as Barney


  • Elia Kazan
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