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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1951!
I Love Lucy began on television on October 15, 1951, and continued to produce new programming through September 24, 1961. Despite its cancellation and the parties' divorce in real life, the show has never been off the air since it started.  It has appeared in syndication on most networks and various cable channels at one time or another. On any day of the week, you can still find it playing at least two or three times a day somewhere on the dial (those were the little wheels that people changed channels with before remote controls!).
I Love Lucy - premiered October 15, 1951
Click here to listen to the opening sequence from I Love Lucy. (File is in .wav format)
Main Characters:
  • Lucy Ricardo played by Lucille Ball
  • Ricky Ricardo played by Desi Arnaz
  • Little Ricky played by Richard Keith
  • Ethel Mertz played by Vivian Vance
  • Fred Mertz played by William Frawley
  • Mrs. Trumball played by Elizabeth Patterson
  • Caroline Appleby played by Doris Singleton
  • Mrs. MacGillicuddy played by Kathryn Card
  • Betty Ramsey played by Mary Jane Croft
  • Ralph Ramsey played by Frank Nelson

Show Concept:

  • For the three people just arriving to Earth who are unfamiliar with I Love Lucy:  The show centered on a married couple, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Lucy was a loveable bumbler with big ideas about becoming a star or striking it rich. Ricky was her loving, Cuban, bandleader husband who worked at the Tropicana nightclub. Fred and Ethel Mertz played the landlords who got drawn into Lucy's schemes. The majority of the shows took place in the apartment building, but some episodes gave Lucy the chance to try to worm her way into Ricky's shows at the nightclub. The show set many new standards including showing an obviously pregnant woman on television(when Lucy had Little Ricky).

Hosts or Guests:

  • Tennessee Ernie Ford appeared in several episodes as Lucy's country cousin
  • An endless array of stars appeared in a series of shows shot in Hollywood when Ricky got a chance to appear in a movie

Writers or Producers:

  • unknown


  • unknown

Networks or stations:

  • CBS (1951 - 1961)

Total shows or length of production:

  • Premiered on October 15, 1951
  • Final episode on September 24, 1961
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