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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1948! Hamlet
The Academy Award winning film for best picture was Hamlet.

A Shakespearean classic about a Danish prince seeking revenge. After his father, the King, is murdered by his uncle, and his uncle marries his mother and ascends the throne, the prince's life changes dramatically. With the now-famous suicide contemplation scene wonderfully played by Olivier, this rendition of the classic play is far and away the best.

The Cast:
  • Sir Laurence Olivier as Hamlet
  • Eileen Herlie as Gertrude
  • Basil Sydney as Claudius
  • Felix Aylmer as Polonius
  • Terence Morgan as Laertes
  • Jean Simmons as Ophelia
  • Peter Cushing as Osric
  • Stanley Holloway as the gravedigger
  • Russell Thorndike as the priest
  • John Laurie as Francisco
  • Esmond Knight as Bernardo
  • Anthony Quayle as Marcellus
  • Niall MacGinnis as the sea captain
  • Christopher Lee as the spear carrier
  • Harcourt Williams as the first player


  • Sir Laurence Olivier
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