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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1947!
The Academy Award winning film for best picture was Gentlemen's Agreement.

A well-known writer at a New York magazine decides to expose anti-Semitism by pretending to be Jewish in order to write about the effects of bigotry. He is refused a job, refused access to public accomodations, his son gets beaten up, and his fiance (who believes he actually is Jewish) is concerned about his waivering faith.

The idealistic young man learns the meaning of what it is to be Jewish, especially the subtle forms of racism encountered in the daily life of Jews.

Gentlemen's Agreement
The Cast:
  • Gregory Peck as Phil Green
  • Dorothy McGuire as Kathy Lacey
  • John Garfield as Dave Goldman
  • Celeste Holm as Anne Dettrey
  • Anne Revere as Mrs. Green
  • June Havoc as Elaine Wales
  • Albert Dekker as John Minify
  • Jane Wyatt as Jane Lacey
  • Dean Stockwell as Tommy Green
  • Nicholas Joy as Dr. Craigie
  • Sam Jaffe as Professor Lieberman
  • Harold Vermilyea as Lou Jordon, personnel manager
  • Ransom M. Sherman as Bill Payson


  • Elia Kazan
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