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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1946!


  • First meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in London
  • League of Nations is dissolved
  • Italy abolishes their monarcy
  • Verdicts in the Nuremberg War Trials result in 12 Nazi leaders (including 1 tried in absentia) sentenced to hang; 7 imprisoned; and 3 acquitted
  • Hermann Goering commits suicide a few hours before 10 other Nazi leaders are executed
  • Winston Churchill gives his "Iron Curtain" speech warning of Soviet expansion and the threat of communism thus marking the beginning of the "Cold War" era
  • Juan Peron becomes President of Argentina
  • The Atomic Energy Act is passed
  • The microwave oven makes its debut
  • ENIAC, the first fully electronic superconductor (computer)
  • St. Louis Cardinals defeat Boston Red Sox in the World Series



  • Networks begin broadcasting commercial programming in June
  • British television goes back on the air in June
  • Hourglass (a variety show)
  • Faraway Hills (first soap opera)
  • First televised heavyweight fight -- Joe Louis v Billy Conn


  • Benjamin Spock's Baby Book


  • Car: $1,400
  • Gasoline: 21 cents per gallon
  • House: $12,500
  • Bread: 10 cents per loaf
  • Milk: 70 cents per gallon
  • Postage Stamp: 3 cents
  • Average Annual Salary: $3,150
  • Minimum Wage: 40 cents per hour



  • The Tony Awards begin in 1947 (look ahead to 1949 to see the first winner)


  • State of the Union by Russel Crouse and Howard Lindsay (drama)
  • The Age of Jackson by Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. (history)
  • Son of the Wilderness by Linnie Marsh Wolfe (biography)


  • Emily Greene Balch, USA, 1967-1961, former Professor of History and Sociology, International President of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; and
  • John Raleigh Mott, USA, 1965-1955, Chairman of the first International Missionary Council in 1910, President of the World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations


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