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Welcome to Retroville! It's 1946!
The International Military Tribunal finished its work and handed down its verdicts on October 1, 1946, ironically, on the Jewish Day of Atonement. Certainly, if Hitler had not committed suicide just before the end of the war, his would have been the most important part of the trial. Of course, we'll never know how the Tribunal would have dealt with him since they never had the chance. Many believe that a simple death sentence would never have been enough.
Defendants' gallery at the Nuremberg Trial
Of the 22 defendants, 11 were given the death penalty, 3 were acquitted, 3 were given life imprisonment, and 4 were given imprisonment ranging from 10 to 20 years. Those sentenced to death were hanged at Spandau Prison on October 6, 1946. Those acquitted were placed in the inept denazification program following the trial. Those who received prison sentences were sent to Spandau Prison.

The sentences, for the major defendants (in alphabetical order), were as follows:

  1. Karl Doenitz
    Supreme Commander of the Navy; in Hitler's last will and testament he was made Third Reich President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
    Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
  2. Hans Frank
    Governor-General of occupied Poland
    Sentenced to Hang
  3. Wilhelm Frick
    Minister of the Interior
    Sentenced to Hang
  4. Hans Fritzsche
    Ministerial Director and head of the radio division in the Propaganda Ministry
  5. Walter Funk
    President of the Reichsbank
    Sentenced to Life in Prison
  6. Hermann Goering
    Reichsmarschall, Chief of the Air Force
    Sentenced to Hang
  7. Rudolf Hess
    Deputy to Hitler
    Sentenced to Life in Prison
  8. Alfred Jodl
    Chief of Army Operations
    Sentenced to Hang
  9. Ernst Kaltenbrunner
    Chief of Reich Main Security Office whose departments included the Gestapo and SS
    Sentenced to Hang
  10. Wilhelm Keitel
    Chief of Staff of the High Command of the Armed Forces
    Sentenced to Hang
  11. Erich Raeder
    Grand Admiral of the Navy
    Sentenced to Life in Prison
  12. Alfred Rosenberg
    Minister of the Occupied Eastern Territories
    Sentenced to Hang
  13. Fritz Sauckel
    Labor leader
    Sentenced to Hang
  14. Hjalmar Schacht
    Minister of the Economics
  15. Artur Seyss-Inquart
    Commisar of the Netherlands
    Sentenced to Hang
  16. Albert Speer
    Minister of Armaments and War Production
    Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison
  17. Julius Streicher
    Editor of the newspaper Der Sturmer, Director of the Central Committee for the Defence against Jewish Atrocity and Boycott Propaganda
    Sentenced to Hang
  18. Constantin Von Neurath
    Protector of Bohemia and Moravia
    Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison
  19. Franz Von Papen
    One-time Chancellor of Germany
  20. Joachim von Ribbentrop
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Sentenced to Hang
  21. Baldur Von Schirach
    Reich Youth leader
    Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

    One other defendant, Martin Bormann, was believed to be dead.
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